Podcast Episode 37 Animal Geeks – King of All Serpents

In a new format this week we have a look at a veterinary case of the week, Jet the American Bulldog who took on a Taipan.  We head back 60 million years in the Land Rover Time Machine to have a look at the largest snake ever to have lived, Titanoboa.   Our new business website is up at Seadog Veterinary Services. We also went for a sail out to the Great Barrier Reef and Xanthe and Harri give us a report on the wildlife we saw. Titanoboa


Podcast Episode 36 Animal Geeks – Tarantulas

This week we set about dissecting a Mouse Spider.  We have a general look at Tarantulas aka Mygalomorph spiders.  We fire up the time machine for a quick look at spider evolution in the Triassic. Harri enjoys the extra oxygen available but decides that the extra size that it gave insects and arachnids might be a worry.




Podcast Episode 30 Animal Geeks – Bugs

This week we indulge in a bit of Q & A about bugs. Somehow we also mention rhinos, body farms, savannahs, edible insects and maggots. Stories via Steve Backshall,  Stuff You Should Know Podcast and Entomologist Alex Wild’s www.myrmecos.net

Harri recommends the Body Farm episode of Stuff You Should Know for some gross fun




Podcast Episode 26 Animals Geeks @Flying High Bird Sanctuary

Podcast Episode 26 Animal Geeks – Flying High Bird Sanctuary -It’s ANZAC Day in Australia.  And we visited Flying High Bird Sanctuary near Childers on the Fraser Coast.   Duncan, Xanthe, Harri and Monty check in from the main aviary and we talk about a selection of the more than 3000 birds on display. We meet Berri the Cassowary, giant macaws and have our ears nibbled by Rainbow Lorikeets. Closing music by Julie Collier, available for download from iTunes #cassowary #sanctuary

Flying High is for sale, if you know a birdlover/entrepreneur/zookeeper who would be interested, please tell them about this fantastic place.  www.flyinghighbirdsanctuary.net.au

Berri the Cassowary


Podcast Episode 23 Animal Geeks – Orca, Killer whale or Blackfish

Podcast Episode 23 Animal Geeks – Orca, Killer Whale or Blackfish The Animal Geeks Team have been watching the documentary Blackfish.  We discuss our own experiences with Orca, Hector’s & Maui’s dolphins and other marine mammals.  Harri and Xanthe discuss the documentary and we discuss our plans to sail the length of the Great Barrier Reef.

Snake hunt