Podcast Episode 30 Animal Geeks – Bugs

This week we indulge in a bit of Q & A about bugs. Somehow we also mention rhinos, body farms, savannahs, edible insects and maggots. Stories via Steve Backshall,  Stuff You Should Know Podcast and Entomologist Alex Wild’s www.myrmecos.net

Harri recommends the Body Farm episode of Stuff You Should Know for some gross fun




Podcast Episode 28 Animal Geeks – Why did my pet die?

    The team have been listening to Josh and Chuck at Stuff You Should Know’s “Grief” Podcast. We look at Pet death, the age you can expect your pet to live to, and some pet longevity records.  Dedicated to “Vader” the Animal Geeks rat, may he rest in peace

Harri Duncan Snake