Khumbu Icefall and the Valley of Silence

As a kiwi, Mt Everest has always featured in my conscience, I have been doing some research, trying to understand the dangers at the Khumbu icefall. I found the videos in this very helpful


National Geographic has a blog written by people who are now climbing Mount Everest. Here’s Sam Elias training in the Khumbu Icefall near the Everest Base Camp:

As usual, it’s the Sherpas who impress me most:

Years of experience, or maybe the mountain itself, had told the Sherpas that passing through the Ballroom on this day was not a good idea, something would happen. “Big ice will fall.” Panuru’s words echoed in my head. “How do they know?” I wondered.

I was sitting in my tent fitting my crampons onto my boots when I heard it. I know the sound now. Before, when the loud rumbling began I instinctively thought of a giant semi barreling down a highway. But there are no vehicles here.


Every year, the route through the Khumbu is set by the “ice doctors,” a small team of Sherpas who take mortal risks to navigate the…

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Podcast Episode 3 Animal Geeks – Bears or not Bears

Episode 3 Animal Geeks- Bears or not bears? This week we discuss the wonderful world of bears, both the eight species of true bears and a few imposters.  In this week’s mythical creatures we look at the Hippogriff with a special guest from New Zealand.




Australia Zoo- Bearded Dragon

Harri is nine and hails from New Zealand.  She wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up.

Every week Harri and her dad Dr Duncan will be podcasting on the weird world of animals.  Harri and her family have been living on our yacht “Rockhopper” for the last three years.  So you can bet the topic for each week will be centered on animals, marine creatures,and Australia.  We particularily love dangerous animals, and Harri fancies herself as a bit of a junior Steve Backshall, so Australia’s snakes, spiders and marine creatures will be getting plenty of attention.