Special Episode – Nighttime Animal Spotting at Kingfisher Bay Resort Part2

Nighttime Wildlife Spotting at Kingfisher Bay Resort Part 2   In Part 2 of our nighttime walk with Super Ranger Hannah we discuss bandicoots, sugar gliders, snakes, and frogmouth owls with brief forays into classic video games and introduce our new Youtube channel.  @kingfisherbay @Fraser Island

Monty and Shrek

Monty and Shrek


Episode 15 Animal Geeks – Dingos and Wolves

Episode 15 Animal Geeks – Dingos and Wolves  Harri and Duncan have been looking for Dingos on Fraser Island.  We had a fantastic time staying at Kingfisher Bay Resort. We discuss the history of dingos in Australia. We also look at wolves and their interaction with humans as their numbers recover.  We thoroughly recommend the BBC documentary Land of the Lost Wolves.  Check our Facebook page for video of the exploding Whale.

Duncan + Snake

Duncan, Sprocket and Red-bellied Blacksnake