ABC’s Rebecca Levingston onboard Rockhopper

We called into Cairns last week for important things like diesel, water and sushi.  ABC’s Evenings host Rebecca Levingston was in town and we invited her onboard the boat for breakfast.  Xanthe gave her a tour of the boat and we had a chat about life with five people on a fifteen meter yacht.  I think we have almost convinced Rebecca to charter a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands for her next holiday. Failing that we have left her a standing invitation to come up to Cooktown for a sail!



Our last Anchorage on the horizon

Our last Anchorage on the horizon


Landfall in Cooktown

Hi to all our listeners,

We have made it!  Six weeks at sea, and 1400 kilometres as the crow flys.

We have done some recording, video and podcasts as we have gone. The 3G coverage has been very haphazard and we haven’t managed to publish whilst on the move.  So we will get editing ASAP and back to our regular weekly schedule. We ran into some fantastic marine biologists at Lady Musgrave, and a world
expert in giant clams on Magnetic Island so we have some great stuff to share.


Our last Anchorage on the horizon

Our last Anchorage on the horizon, Hope Islands, 20 miles South of Cooktown


Podcast Episode 27 Animal Geeks – Our tribute to River Monsters

Podcast Episode 27 Animal Geeks – Our tribute to River Monsters      The Rockhopper crew are weather bound in the Burnett River. We discuss River Monsters and creator/angler/biologist Jeremy Wade. #rivermonsters #fishon

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the link above which will open and play in your browser.  Or subscribe to us at Stitcher or iTunes Podcasts

River Monster for dinner!


Podcast Episode 26 Animals Geeks @Flying High Bird Sanctuary

Podcast Episode 26 Animal Geeks – Flying High Bird Sanctuary -It’s ANZAC Day in Australia.  And we visited Flying High Bird Sanctuary near Childers on the Fraser Coast.   Duncan, Xanthe, Harri and Monty check in from the main aviary and we talk about a selection of the more than 3000 birds on display. We meet Berri the Cassowary, giant macaws and have our ears nibbled by Rainbow Lorikeets. Closing music by Julie Collier, available for download from iTunes #cassowary #sanctuary

Flying High is for sale, if you know a birdlover/entrepreneur/zookeeper who would be interested, please tell them about this fantastic place.  www.flyinghighbirdsanctuary.net.au

Berri the Cassowary


Khumbu Icefall and the Valley of Silence

As a kiwi, Mt Everest has always featured in my conscience, I have been doing some research, trying to understand the dangers at the Khumbu icefall. I found the videos in this very helpful


National Geographic has a blog written by people who are now climbing Mount Everest. Here’s Sam Elias training in the Khumbu Icefall near the Everest Base Camp:

As usual, it’s the Sherpas who impress me most:

Years of experience, or maybe the mountain itself, had told the Sherpas that passing through the Ballroom on this day was not a good idea, something would happen. “Big ice will fall.” Panuru’s words echoed in my head. “How do they know?” I wondered.

I was sitting in my tent fitting my crampons onto my boots when I heard it. I know the sound now. Before, when the loud rumbling began I instinctively thought of a giant semi barreling down a highway. But there are no vehicles here.


Every year, the route through the Khumbu is set by the “ice doctors,” a small team of Sherpas who take mortal risks to navigate the…

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Podcast Episode 24 Animal Geeks – Jurassic Shark and Kung-Fu Fish

Podcast Episode 24 Animal Geeks – Jurassic Shark and Kung-Fu Fish   Xanthe and Duncan and are in the house, well on the back of the boat.  This week we look at the Megalodon and the Siamese Fighting Fish.  Duncan celebrates a special anniversary and we give a shout out to our cousins at a family reunion in New Zealand.   #rivermonsters #sharks

Snake Hunters slightly lost