Landfall in Cooktown

Hi to all our listeners,

We have made it!  Six weeks at sea, and 1400 kilometres as the crow flys.

We have done some recording, video and podcasts as we have gone. The 3G coverage has been very haphazard and we haven’t managed to publish whilst on the move.  So we will get editing ASAP and back to our regular weekly schedule. We ran into some fantastic marine biologists at Lady Musgrave, and a world
expert in giant clams on Magnetic Island so we have some great stuff to share.


Our last Anchorage on the horizon

Our last Anchorage on the horizon, Hope Islands, 20 miles South of Cooktown

2 thoughts on “Landfall in Cooktown

  1. Hi guys. My name is Amanda, manager of Capers Cafe in Cooktown.
    Please let me know if I can help you guys settle in here in Cooktown.
    I know someone who is selling a car very cheap too if you were looking for a vehicle.
    Happy to help anytime. I can usually be found in the cafe!
    Do you guys have a Facebook page?
    Hope to see you soon

    • Hi Amanda,
      Yes you can find us at Animal Geeks on Facebook, or send me a friend request at Duncan C T Smith.

      We already have two vehicles so we are fine in that regard.

      Kind regards


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